Saturday, September 13, 2008


I just now got here. It's close to 8pm. I haven't been here in 6 years - since we screened the movie. It's very strange to be back.

As I walk out of my car I am struck by the cold Wyoming wind. It's very chilly and it's only September 12th. I immediately think of how cold it would have been here in mid October.

The first time we were here asking questions, we were a theater company from new york with tape recorders in our backpacks. We were invisible. Now that the play has been done all over the country and the movie's out there, I wonder how our conversations with people will differ from those of 8 years ago.

Eager to see what has happened since.



apoy3033 said...

How moving to discover that your company is returning to Laramie for the 10 year anniversary of Matthew Shepard's murder. As a high school theatre teacher and a huge fan of your work, i look forward to following your journey and the subsequent epilogue. This fall my students and i will be producing The Laramie Project for our fall play. What attracts us the most to this project is the opportunity to create truthful characters and in your words, "contribute to the national dialogue on current events." WE are fortunate to have the support of our faculty and school administration and take our responsibility to raise awareness through theatre very seriously. Our entire company will be reading your blogs to gain more insight into this very important story. Thank you for inspiring a whole new generation of artists.

eric mathew said...

Sometimes you forget when performing the show how insanely real all of it is. Every person lived and breathed what happened. It is an honor to read this blog and I am glued already to what will happen. I wish you all the best in Laramie. I just hope you don't catch Marge in her altogethers!

-Eric Mathew