Saturday, September 13, 2008

Town Development

Journal Entry: Leigh Fondakowski

I arrived here in Laramie early this afternoon to a HAIL STORM. Catherine Connolly later told me that hail marks the official start of "Fall" here in Laramie. The first thing that struck me was the explosion of development on the east side of town. At least 3 brand new hotels and several strip malls where formerly there was only Walmart. The Coal Creek coffee shop has a second location in one of the strip malls. The internet password there is "edgyuptown." So Laramie now has a downtown and an uptown. It's a football weekend and the icon of the UW team is everywhere -- go pokes! It is very moving to be back here in Laramie. More moving was spending a few hours with Cathy Connolly this afternoon. She spoke with such beauty, grace, and eloquence about Laramie -- always a brilliant mix of heartbreak at the injustice that still exists and great hope for the future. To know that we have made life long connections here is a remarkable thing. Now, the transcribing begins...


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